9 Famous Mustaches Through History


“You have to wear the mustache, the mustache cannot wear you”

This quote by the founder of Movember in the movie Mansome couldn’t be more accurate. As I’m finding out, the key to a great mustache is having the confidence to wear one and not being afraid to own it.

For a select few gentlemen, some real and some fictitious, the mustache has come to define them, and they stand as true examples of those who have worn the mustache, instead of letting the mustache wear them.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

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The Rise of the Selfie


I don’t think I’ve ever taken taken as many self shot pictures as I have in the past 2 weeks. I guess having a mustache provides the excuse I’ve been waiting for, and having another person participating amplifies the fun factor when taking and sharing pictures. Our team consists of two people, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting into the spirit and taking plenty of great progress pictures to see who’s better at growing a mustache (For the record, it’s not me).

Enjoy –

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The ‘Stache is Back!


Brace yourself, the ‘stache is back. It’s that glorious time of year when hairy becomes cool again, Ron Swanson looks like even more of a genius, and gentlemen far and wide regress to looking like their dad’s prom picture.

I began my journey on November 1st with a fresh shave in the morning, and 4 days later I wish I could say I’ve sprouted a mustache to be proud of. Instead, I still look as clean and freshly shaven as normal, with the exception of the slight dark line that could be considered as nothing more than a missed spot during the morning sDESIGN-KEEPCALM-MUSTACHEhave ritual.

I’m thrilled to take part in Movember again, and proud to raise money for a great cause. In the past year, the Movember movement has taken more steps towards mainstream, and that broad cultural awareness is good news for my continued social acceptance for the next month. Equally as important, as a second time participant I’ve found people to be extremely supportive of the mission and I love it.

Similar to last year, I plan to track my month-long mustache expedition here as well as on my Mo space, and I’m thrilled to have you follow along. Stay tuned for more in the next few days!


6 Ridiculous Moments from US History

We all remember US History class. The presidents, the conflicts, the triumphs and defeats. As the 4th of July came and went, it’s a perfect time to not only reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation, but also remember a few of the more ridiculous things that have happened as well. I’m talking about the absurd incidents that were only highlighted in one tiny section of a footnote in the rest of those otherwise monstrous history textbooks.

It’s totally possible that you don’t remember half of these as you were nodding off during the A&E Biographies the substitute teacher forced you to watch. Have no fear, without further ado I present a refresher class on some of the more memorable offbeat moments from US History.

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9 Foods You Ate In Middle School and Haven’t Seen Since

We’ve all been there, opening up our brown bag lunches or Hulk lunch boxes and seeing the most amazing things packed for us. It might have even been your favorite day when your mom swapped that stupid fruit cup for the extra cookie or two. I’m talking about the snacks that we used to love but had absolutely no nutritional value and somehow were still alright for our parents to feed to us.

What the heck happened to those things? And how come we don’t eat them any more? Most likely because in our calorie-obsessed and carb reducing lives we would hurl if we saw the absurdly horrible sugar count of what we used to consume. But it doesn’t stop you from having a bit of nostalgia if you happen to wander by one of these in the grocery store now and again.

I’m willing to guess you ate these at one point, and promptly forget about their existence:

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